The 12 Days of Christmas – An Engineering Approach


Ok, so we’ve run a few numbers on the Twelve Days of Christmas scenario, and frankly, we have some concerns. It’s just not financially viable… Check this, for each of the twelve days… Continue reading

Review – Tearaway


Ok, you’ve got me, I’ll be honest here. I’ve been putting this review off for a few weeks now, not because this game is bad – far from it – it’s just that… Continue reading

The New Ms. Marvel is a good thing – Here’s Why


Marvel have always been pretty obvious in regard to their announcements, with teaser images that mirror Apple in their flat-out pre-announcement before any official statement is released. This time round they put out… Continue reading

First Gameplay Video for Hyper Light Drifter


Hyper Light Drifter may or may not be a name you recognise. It started life as a lowly Kickstarter asking for around $27,000. A little while and $645,158 later the game has seen… Continue reading

Feature Part 4 – Let’s Talk: Mass Effect 4


Part 1    –    Part 2    –    Part 3    –    Part 4 It’s time for the final part of our ME4 possibilities feature. In our defence, originally we had… Continue reading

It’s All About EA Today!


EA have featured quite a lot in videogame news today, with a lot of new info coming out of their second quarter earnings announcements.

Feature Part 3 – Let’s Talk Mass Effect 4


Part 1    –    Part 2    –    Part 3    –    Part 4 Still here? Now that’s dedication. If you have no idea what I’m on about with that statement,… Continue reading

Feature Part 2 – Let’s Talk: Mass Effect 4


Part 1    –    Part 2    –    Part 3    –    Part 4 Yesterday I started exploring the possibilities for the Mass Effect 4 storyline, starting with considerations for a… Continue reading

Feature Part 1 – Let’s Talk: Mass Effect 4


Part 1    –    Part 2    –    Part 3    –    Part 4 APB’s Sam recently reported on the much anticipated follow up to the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass… Continue reading

REVIEW – Splinter Cell: Blacklist


Sam Fisher has been through a lot in his existence, and the latest entry in the long running Splinter Cell franchise doesn’t go easy on the poor guy. That’s just in-game too: in… Continue reading

FEATURE – What We Want in Persona 5


Following on with our ‘What We Want’ lists here on the site, I’ve decided to take a look at what we’d like to see in Persona 5. Now that Sega have officially bought… Continue reading

Ubisoft Reports Lower than Expected Sales for Recent Releases


Following on from the Watch_Dog delay news on this site this morning, it would seem that Ubisoft have more bad news. Both Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman Legends have fallen short of sales… Continue reading

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