It’s All About EA Today!


EA have featured quite a lot in videogame news today, with a lot of new info coming out of their second quarter earnings announcements.

EA, while posting a net loss over the last few months of just over $273 million total, are actually quite positive about their business, this figure is after all a 28% improvement over before. The company posted an impressive revenue of almost $700 million this quarter, something that CEO Andrew Wilson was quite happy about, saying:

“Strong second quarter was driven by great title launches, continued digital growth, and financial discipline

While we have made good progress in the first half of the year, we remain focused on executing our FY14 plan and delivering a full slate of amazing games and services to players on current and next-generation consoles, mobile, and PC.”

They followed this by releasing some surprising news about their “amazing” game Titanfall, which is now due out 14th March 2014, a shock to most people who were expecting it later in the year. This of course led to worries that Titanfall was being rushed to take advantage of recent delays (we’re looking at you Ubisoft!), being fueled by Blake Jorgensen explaining as below:

“[Respawn have] done a fantastic job keeping that on schedule and possibly even ahead of schedule in some ways, we saw an opportunity and a launch window in the fourth quarter because of some of the critical titles that were planned to be there moving out of the quarter, like Watchdogs or The Crew or some other titles, it looked like they’re being delayed.

Titanfall is a title that also has an amazing following already in the market. Ever since it was shown at E3, people have been highly interested in it. Microsoft wanted to include it in its marketing campaign associated with Xbox, which you’re seeing in the market today. And all of that led us to decide to move it into the year.”


EA games’ Patrick Söderlund said the following in response to the claims Titanfall is being rushed:

“So on the quality side, and if we’re rushing a game, I would say no, we’re not doing that at all.

This is a very experienced, seasoned team, one of the best in the industry. They’ve got a bunch of great games under their belt. We have been monitoring and working with them for a long time. This has been a game that’s been in development for multiple years. And all the data that we have in front of us suggest that this game will not only be highly rated, but very highly rated.

So I feel better than I would normally feel at this time, on a game like this.”

Did EA stop at this? Oh no! Peter Moore then went on to discuss the imminent next-gen console releases, claiming that he could see a combined 10 million unit sales between the 2 companies by the end of the financial year, he followed this by saying:

“Both Sony and Microsoft are proposing that this could be their best launches ever as regards their production numbers and their ability to globalise this business quickly. I want to remind everyone on the call, this is the first time that we’ve had two major console launches in the same couple of weeks, never happened before with a magnitude that we’re seeing.

I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about what I’m feeling right now in the marketplace. Retailers around the world are gearing up with great anticipation. And our partners at Sony and Microsoft are about, I believe, to embark upon a level of unprecedented spend that we’d never seen in this industry yet, so I think it’s all coming together very, very well.”


Finally as if all of this wasn’t enough, EA ruled out any possibility of PS4 owners seeing Titanfall on the console, Frank Gibeau elaborated on the Xbox deal:

“There are tactical opportunities from time to time on a title or on a service component that we do enter into a relationship with one or two of the first parties on that particular opportunity and we’ll execute on it.

Titanfall is an example of that. It’s a product that came in through our EA Partners group, it’s a partnership with Respawn, and there was an opportunity for Microsoft, EA and Respawn to create a tactical opportunity to make Titanfall exclusive to Microsoft,”

Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall when asked about future PS4 titles said the below however: “Of course we will, just not the first Titanfall.” Which is good news for those PS4 owners who wanted a bit of Respawn in their life.

A busy day for EA in the new then! We’ll let you know if they come out with anything else along the way too!