Preview – Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus


Insomniac have been creating memorable series’ since the late ’90s, with Ratchet and Clank being one of their best rated games. With the series now being over a decade old, our favourite Lombax and his mechanical friend are still going strong. With potentially their prettiest game yet lets see just how well the franchise has aged.

Being a Massive fan of the Ratchet & Clank’s back on the PS2, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to catch up and look at the new, even prettier, era of the series. Sticking to the tried and tested formula that made the first 3 games great, “Into the Nexus” could be mistaken for a HD remake. Originally intended for release on the PS2 back in 2006, it is now to be released mid November for the PS3 only.

For a game due to be released so soon, I was slightly disappointed with what the demo had to offer, feeling very much like a game still heavily in the alpha. Even though the gameplay was similar to what I had expected, it still felt very rough around the edges, maybe even clunky at times. I may just have been unique in my experiences but on more than one occasion I found myself being stuck in/on objects furiously button mashing in an attempt to escape without being killed by a swarm of enemies. Of course Insomniac can be forgiven for such things as it was of course pre-release material and will hopefully be addressed for the final release.

Bugs aside this game was extremely pretty, like being able to pick out every last hair on ratchets back pretty. With unique and varied environments “Into The Nexus” will be a sight to behold, even more impressive considering its not even a next gen title. As always Insomniac have added a few funky new features, this time enabling you to again play as clank. Entering “rifts” as ratchets pal presents a 2D platforming minigame, very similar to some iOS and Android games, the player is required to solve puzzles by manipulating gravity, all the time being chased by an energy creature. Implemented well it adds a new dimension, breaking up gameplay and generally enhancing the experience. And of course no Ratchet and Clank review would be complete without mentioning the guns and gadgets of the game. In short there are just as many as you’d hope for. Unfortunately in the demo, with exception to the “winterizer” and “nightmare box”, weapons seemed very generic and hard to distinguish. All created huge explosions but other than that, they didn’t seem to offer much else. I could only really distinguish between weapons by the size and colour of their explosion. Admittedly I only had access to a fraction of the final arsenal but unique qualities of the guns were lacking. Maybe the best is yet to be announced… but I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.


So from eurogamer’s offering of Ratchet & Clank I can conclude any fans of the duo, or just people who enjoy a classic platformer will be thoroughly entertained by Insomniacs latest creation.

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