Preview – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

lego marvel
When I heard that LEGO Marvel was being released at the end of October I was very eager to try out the demo to see what LEGO’s latest instalment had to offer. It was pretty much what I expected; it was great fun and is probably the best LEGO game I’ve played. The gameplay is as you’d expect largely the same as previous LEGO games with lots of brain teasing challenges and exciting missions that you should find highly entertaining. And of course, as with all LEGO games it’s good to play with family and friends at parties thanks to its comical tendencies and great co-op play.

To set the scene, Magneto, Loki and Victor von Doom have joined forces to find the missing shards of the Silver Surfer’s board and harness its power before the imminent arrival of Galactus (who takes the form of possibly the biggest LEGO brick you will ever see). Your mission is to stop them at all costs, and you’re going to come across a tonne of other enemies and extra side missions on the way.

What makes LEGO Marvel stand out for me is the characters. There are over 150 of them and they all have their own unique special abilities and animations themed around them. LEGO really has done its homework here as even the less well known characters have a variety of special moves and combat abilities, such as squirrel girl who can call a load of squirrels to eat multiple enemies, and Iceman who skates around and effectively flies as he skates on ice in midair! And yes, you can also play as bad guys such as Loki, Whiplash and the Green Goblin (who does fly around throwing pumpkin bombs!)

As I’m sure you know, the Marvel universe is a pretty big place, despite that, it sounds as though LEGO has done a good job trying to cover as many of the locations that we all know and love such as Stark Industries, The Daily Bugle, Asteroid M, and X Mansion. Also worth noting is that there is an open map in the form of New York which should be cool if they manage to pull it off.

Whilst you are wondering the LEGO skyscrapers of New York you may find Stan Lee loitering at a bus stop or lurking in an alley. If you manage to the man himself in 50 random locations in the Marvel universe then you will unlock him as a playable character. This really shows off the funny side of LEGO games as Stan has many power including Spidey’s web, Wolverine’s adamantine skeleton and The Flame’s fire attacks.

What I love about this game is how light hearted it is, which is truly summed up by how Mr Fantastic can transform himself into a teapot which has no use in the game whatsoever…it’s just funny! I really can’t think of anything bad to say about the game other than if you have ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OF MARVEL AT ALL then you might not be as interested in the variety of Marvel related scenes, missions, characters, phrases, animations etc. but then you are still left with an enjoyable LEGO game.

I highly recommend this game, it’s going to be released on practically all platforms: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so there’s no excuse for you not to get it unless you don’t like LEGO or you don’t like Marvel….in which case why have you just read this preview?

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