Preview – Killer Instinct

Coming from my background as a proud member of the Fighting Game Community, Killer Instinct was always going to be high on my to see list at Eurogamer this year. Ever since the stage demo of the game at Evo 2013 I’ve been interested to see how it played, does it live up to the hype?

I have to admit, despite all the hype it has received in recent months by some quite prolific people in the FGC, I never really bought in to the new Killer Instinct. I really wanted to play it, but more out of curiosity than actual excitement. Imagine then, that when I joined the queue to play it I really didn’t know what to expect, I’d seen a few trailers and a couple of live streams but not enough to pick up any real information on how to play it. This proved to be an issue when I sat down next to someone who had been in and played the game 3 times already that day!

Despite my first streak of losses I found myself having enormous amounts of fun. It reminded me of back when I first picked up Marvel vs Capcom 3, with just the over the top arcade feel to the whole thing, everything happens so fast but you just find yourself loving every minute of it. Unfortunately for my opponent it was after those couple of games that I really started to get a feel for the game, all I can say is, Jago is a really easy day 1 win in this build at least!

Another thing that I noticed during my time with the demo was how damn pretty the game was. Fireballs explode into sparks, Glacius’ ice shimmers in the light and the background stages are all highly detailed. Couple this with the high octane speed of the game and the really smooth frame rate and you have one of the prettiest fighting games to date.

Killer Instinct really surprised me this weekend, the game was ridiculous amounts of fun and was a complete blast to play. Even though I was playing someone I’d never met before we were able to have a laugh together and, at the end of the day, that’s what fighting games are about. My only major gripe with this title is that it’s an Xbox 1 exclusive, something that might damage it’s uptake in the fighting game scene, it’s also unfortunately something that’ll stop me from owning the title too, certainly a shame!

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