New Trailers for the Multiplayer in Arkham: Origins


Batman: Arkham Origins has been a worry for me. Everything I’ve heard about it has worried me, new developer, new Joker and most importantly, the inclusion of multiplayer. The idea of a multiplayer mode in the Arkham series, a series that Rocksteady has poured their heart into creating, seemed crazy to me. Luckily a few videos have been released today that put most of my concerns to rest. We’ve already seen before that Warner Bros. Studios are working hard to keep the feel of the Rocksteady games, and they seem to be doing it justice. Adding in new modes is always risky though, especially when they involve such drastic changes like this one.

To put our worries to bed, a selection of videos showing off the multiplayer have been released, and they do actually look damn good!

What can be gleaned from the videos is this: The multiplayer is based around 2 warring gangs. These gangs are all followers of specific villains in the Batman universe so there will be a variety of gang members you can fight as. If you’re playing as a gang member then you’re playing a 3rd person cover shooter against an opposing gang and, while no multiplayer modes are detailed, it appears to be an objective based game mode that is being played in these videos. During the games some players are allocated as super villains and get to play as the gang leader for that gang (expect to see Banes running around clotheslining Jokers basically!). While all of this is going on there are other players controlling Batman and Robin with their own objectives and targets to kill. This is a really interesting twist and I’m actually quite excited to see how they balance it. The whole experience reminds me a lot of the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which is definitely not a bad thing! Only time will tell how it plays, the game is due out on October 25th and we’ll find out when we get our mitts on it. Until then, here are some videos of the mode to tide you over:

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