Gravity Rush Sequel Announced and Gets a Trailer


A sequel for the hit Playstation Vita game Gravity Rush (or Gravity Daze, if you’re Japanese) has been announced at TGS this week. The original game was easily one of the Vita’s best games, gaining quite a lot of critical acclaim and building a large fanbase. I played it and loved it so I’m definitely looking forwards to the sequel!

For those of you who aren’t aware of what Gravity Rush is, it follows the story of an amnesia inflicted girl called Kat, who wakes up next to a mysterious cat who gives her the ability to control gravity. With no idea where she’s come from, and no idea what her purpose is she embarks in a journey of discovery, fighting a war with an invading alien race called the Nevi along the way.

Due to her Gravity based powers the game was really interesting to play, players could fly Kat around the world with ease, and it was a world you wanted to explore. Gravity Rush had a fantastic art style and a really intriguing plot, hopefully that continues in the sequel!

No details are available past this teaser trailer, take a look at get excited.

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