News Roundup 22/04/2013

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After a hiatus of 2 weeks due to personal goings on in our writers lives, we return to you with a bumper sized new post! Enjoy and sorry for the radio silence.

Here is your news roundup for 06/04/2013 – 22/04/2013. Enjoy!

Batman Arkham Origins is Announced


Batman Arkham Origins is a prequel to Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise which is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal. The studio is getting the full set of assets from Rocksteady so the game should look and play similarly to Rocksteady’s titles but it still doesn’t stop me from being a bit worried about it. Rocksteady’s Batman games were brilliant and I’d hate to see this game fail to live up to those standards. Hopefully as we get more details my fear will be put to rest!

Tearaway Release Date Confirmed


Media Molecule, best known for their LittleBigPlanet titles has confirmed the release date for their upcoming Playstation Vita platformer Tearaway. The game is due this October and is shaping up to look very fresh and exciting, if you own a Vita this is definitely one to keep your eye on in the coming months.

Free-to-Play Model May Actually be Breaking the Law


We are all familiar with the free-to-play model. You download a game for free and have the option to buy extras in game to customise your experience. This week saw the office of fair trading criticise the model by saying that the games are specifically designed to entice people into spending a lot of money on them. This is after a few stories have flown around about kids racking up huge bills on their parents credit cards due to in game payments. Personally I don’t see the problem with this, most of the issues have arisen in apps, of which there is a parental setting to turn off in app payments on most phones. We’ll see if anything comes on the investigation.

Joe Kosinski Talks about Tron 3 Post Oblivion


Oblivion came out in cinemas last week which means that Kosinksi has now moved onto his next project, Tron 3. He says that it is being scripted at the moment and will follow on from where Tron Legacy left off. I’m actually looking forwards to both this and seeing Oblivion, I’m a fan of CGI sci-fi worlds, definitely something that Kosinkski specialises in.

First Screenshots From 300: Rise of and Empire Have Surfaced


The sequel to Zak Snyder’s overly violent 300 is in the works at the moment with new screens being released last week. 300 was mostly about style over substance and it looks as though the same stylistic visuals are being used in this film. Hopefully this time there will be a bit more substance however as a newbie director takes up the mantle. Eva Green is the big name star this time around, commanding the Persian navy against the Spartans.

empire300 70364

Dredd 3D gets a Sequel, it’s Just not a Film


Dredd 3D was last years reboot of the Judge Dredd franchise, I didn’t personally see it, and it sounds as though neither did a lot of other people. The movie did not get enough at the box office to justify further installments. There is however going to be a sequel comic. Not much is known about it as of yet apart from the fact that it will follow on from the film.


Capcom has a Full Internal Restructure


Capcom has announced that it has cancelled a large number of internal projects and games and has halved it’s profit estimation for the next year. This is because they are moving to concentrate on improving the quality of their games by focusing on internal development. They have also stated that outsourcing development to other developers is no longer a valid strategy, bad news for those of us hoping for a sequel to Ninja Theory’s brilliant DmC. They are also forecasting a larger profit than they netted this year so we’re probably looking at a big game release between now and April next year.


Criterion is Not Making Racing Games Anymore


Burnout fans be sad, Criterion has announced that it’s time for them to move on and develop something other than Racing games. What this next title is, we have no idea. But we know it’s definitely not a new Need for Speed, something that has been rumored for a while. I’m not really sure how I feel about this news, while Criterion is a great dev and I’m interested to see what they come up with, Burnout has always had a special place, it’s easily one of, if not the greatest arcade racer around and I’m quite sad to see it go!


Deadpool Game Finally gets a Release Date


As most of you probably know, I’m quite looking forwards to the Deadpool game. This week it finally got a release date of the 25th June in North America. No European delivery date has been announced yet but it’s likely to be a few days afterwards. You can be sure to look out for a review of it on the site shortly after release!

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