News Roundup 06/04/2013

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Here is your weekly news roundup for 06/04/2013 – 12/04/2013. Enjoy!

LucasArts Games has been closed down by Disney


The LucasArts game publisher has been closed down by Disney following the $4 billion acquisition of LucasFilm earlier this year. The company has decided to move the brand into a licensing role so as to minimise its risk. Unfortunately for gamers this is rumoured to have been the end of Star Wars: 1313, a promising shooter displayed at E3 last year.

Doom 4 is Back in Development Again


After being cancelled not so long ago it turns out that ID have started a whole new Doom 4 after the old build was deemed a bit pants by the powers that be. Bethesda have said that this will hopefully provide the experience that fans would like, lets hope it doesn’t turn out like Duke Nukem Forever!

Thief Announcement Trailer Revealed


The trailer for the 4th Thief game debuted earlier this week. The trailer shows a heist in action, rendered gorgeously by one of Square’s animation studios similar to the first Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer. The game is shaping up to be very interesting and the trailer is worth taking a look at.


Superior Carnage has Been Revealed


A new 5 issue series has been unveiled for Carnage following the Carnage USA miniseries from last year (we recommended it in our Marvel #1’s Read This! Special) and follows the now, effectively lobotomised, Cletus and his reuniting with the Carnage symbiote. What’s really interesting is that this story arc seems to follow some people attempting to mold Carnage into something else, and with the name ‘Superior’ could we be seeing an anti-hero style take on Carnage? I’m certainly looking forwards to finding out! The first Issue drops in July.

Post Age of Ultron Event has Been Revealed


Marvel have revealed that the events after Age of Ultron are going to take on a new cosmic face. There will be 2 storylines running from August this year, the first is an attack from the ‘builders’, an alien race that has targeted Earth for destruction. The second is Thanos’ invasion of Earth while the Avengers and Guardians are off fighting this other menace. I’m really interested to know the ending that Marvel has planned for Age of Ultron and now how it’s going to set up this second event. The Marvel universe is one to keep an eye on in the coming months!

Finding Dory is Announced


The sequel to Disney hit ‘Finding Nemo’ has been revealed and is now known to be titled Finding Dory. As a guy with the mental age of a child I’m actually really looking forwards to this. The original Finding Nemo was brilliant and hopefully this can live up to it.

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