News Roundup 23/03/2013

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Here is your weekly news roundup for 17/03/2013 – 23/03/2013. Enjoy!

Developers of Remember Me Struggled to get the Game Published Due to it’s Female Lead

remember me

‘Remember me’ is an upcoming Sci-Fi action game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom, but it seems as though it wasn’t always in a position where the game was going to get published. News this week emerged that ‘Remember Me’ was turned down from a large number of publishers because of it’s female lead character. I had hoped that we were at a position in this industry where a female lead was something that was slowly becoming a common sight, what with the Tomb Raider reboot storming the charts and new information about Lightning Returns this week, marking the female characters 3rd game this generation. Sadly it seems that publishers still aren’t seeing strong female leads as good sellers, which really needs to change.

New Game Announced From Bastion Developer Supergiant


SuperGiant Games, developer of the rather excellent Bastion, have announced a new game this week. Named Transistor the trailer seems to indicate that it will play a lot like Bastion did with an isometric camera angle. The difference this time is that Transistor follows the story of an unnamed redhead in the future, allowing for a far more Sci-Fi themed game. Looking forwards to hearing more on this one.

Logo leak starts rumours of a new strider gamer


As a big fan of the Marvel Vs Capcom series of fighting I have grown very accustomed to Hiryu from the Strider games, without ever actually having played them. An image of a possible Strider logo appeared on the net this week but with no official confirmation from capcom as to whether this was legitimate or not. Personally I love the character design so I’d be happy to see him make a comeback in next gen.

CEO of EA John Riccitiello has resigned from the job


John Riccitiello has been the CEO of EA for the past 6 years now and has seen the company through some hard times. EA may not be everyones favourite publisher in the world (especially not after the SimCity debacle) but there’s no denying the impact that they’ve had on the industry. I’m interested to see who will be brought in to replace Mr. Riccitiello and how they’ll tackle EA’s public image.

Hansel & Gretel sequel in the works

hansel & gretel

Apparently the recent spin on the classic fairy tale did well enough in the box office to earn a sequel. Our film critic Steph reviewed Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters for the site earlier this year but didn’t think too much of it. Here’s hoping that the sequel uses the actors to the best of their ability this time round.

Chris O’Dowd has a cameo in Thor 2

chris odowd

Chris O’Dowd’s career has exploded over the last couple of years after his appearance in the brilliant British comedy show The IT Crowd, O’Dowd has enjoyed success is a large number of big name films. It now seems that he’s making a brief cameo in Thor 2: The Dark World as one of Natalie Portmans dates, does this mean that Ports has moved on from Hemsworths Abs? We’ll find out when the film is released later this year.

New Pacific Rim Screenshots Emerge

pacific rim

Pacific Rim is the new Sci-Fi film from director Guillermo Del Toro which depicts a war between humans mech suits and giant aliens. It’s due for release this year and a few new screens have been released for the film, they don’t really show much but I am definitely looking forwards to this film (if not just because the suits have the voice of GlaDoS from the Portal series in them).

See the images below (click to enlarge):


‘The Search’ Finally Tells the Long Awaited Story of What Happened to Zuko’s Mother in Avatar: The Last Airbender


If you’re anything like me you will be a massive fan of the Avatar series of animations. Marketed as a kids animation, both the Legend of Aang and the brilliant follow up Legend of Korra were incredibly well written and beautifully animated. But one of the loose ties from the original series, the fate of Zuko’s mother, was one of those mysteries that we never thought would be solved (the story was even cruelly teased in the first episode of Korra). But now, almost 5 years after the question was posed, Dark Horse have published a comic called ‘The Search’ which hopes to answer this question. I, for one, cannot wait to read it!

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