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I’ve never been one to get addicted to ‘endless’ score based games in the past, I normally just play a few rounds because it’s the “in thing” of the moment and then get bored and move back to a console or PC to play a more involved gaming experience. The truth of the matter is, that many developers have done extremely well from the popularity of endless games and the addiction that they seem to create for their players, they aren’t going away anytime soon. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ridiculous fishing for iOS and considering the cheap price (£1.99/$2.99) I decided to take the plunge. I’m happy to report that I’m hooked! (sorry, I’ll stop with the fishing puns now.)

The game take the form of 3 simple tasks. The first section of the game see’s you casting your line into the ocean. You then have to guide this to the bottom avoiding as many fish as you can. The more fish you avoid the further you will go (up to a maximum, which is extendable). Once you’ve hit a fish/your limit you have to bring the line back up again catching the fish you avoided on the way down. After you’ve collected as many fish as you possibly can on the way up Fisherman Bill (that’s you) throws the fish up into the air thus activating the “ridiculous” part of Ridiculous Fishing. At this point in the game Bill pulls out a gun and you need to use it to explode all the poor innocent fish that you’ve just pulled out of the water in order to earn money. These are 3 simple gameplay mechanics that, when assembled together, make for a very enjoyable experience.


While enjoyable, the gameplay isn’t what makes the game addictive. For each fish that you massacre you get an amount of money added to your balance, this money can then be used to buy upgrades. These upgrades consist of a varying number of things, from new and more ridiculous weapons, longer lines so that you can descend further and even household electronic items such as a toaster and hairdryer that electrocute the first fish that you hit giving you a second chance on the way down. It’s these upgrades that make you want to keep playing, when a game gives you an orbital ray as a fishing tool why would you not want to earn enough for that? The game also has a number of different fishing holes for you to cast your line in. These are unlocked by collecting the different types of fish. Each time you catch a new type of fish it is added to a fish-o-pedia and gets you closer to unlocking a new area of the game. This all adds up to give you a lot to fish for, which is great because the game is far from over when the final credits roll and there is more than enough reason to carry on playing.


What is possibly the best part of the game (for me anyway) is the art direction. Ridiculous Fishing has a very colourful, sharp look which is incredibly unique. Each of the 60-odd fish are individual (some are adorable, shotgunning them in the face becomes almost hard. Almost.) and the colours are very vibrant, bright yellow and red fish become commonplace. As you descend into the depths the colour of the sea will change gradually also which means that the whole palette of the game is constantly changing, it really is a feast for the eyes. The music is also brilliant, fitting the laid back, slightly humorous nature of the game. It gets played backwards on the journey back up before exploding into what sounds like a JRPG battle theme when you reach the shooting stage of the game, it fits perfectly. One thing to definitely look out for is the in-game twitter feed that allows you to read discussions between Bill and his friends (consisting of the shop owner and various forms of coastal life). These tweets can be highly amusing and are well worth reading through.


Overall Ridiculous Fishing is a highly entertaining game for your phone that will practically guarantee that you will be without battery for a few days. The game has a great stream of unlockables to keep you playing and it both looks and sounds fintastic (did you really think that was the end?) Best of all is its tiny price tag at a couple of pounds it’s a steal. If you are looking for new mobile time-waster, this is dolphinately (send help) worthy of your consideration.

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