News Roundup 16/03/2013

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Here is your weekly news roundup for 10/03/2013 – 16/03/2013. Enjoy!

New Star Trek Into: Darkness Trailer

star trek

A new Star Trek trailer has been released this week, without an ominous monologue from film villain star Benedict Cumberbatch. This trailer takes an entirely different tone to the ones seen previously with a much lighter-hearted look on the film. I’m glad they kept the humour aspect as well as the brooding drama, Simon Pegg is in it, how could they not use him to his full potential! Star Trek is due in cinemas May this year and I personally cannot wait, this one is going to be one to watch.

Nicolas Cage is “Done” with Ghost Rider

ghost rider

Nicolas Cage was fairly blunt this week when asked about his future with the Ghost Rider films. The actor, who played Johnny Blaze in the last 2 iterations, said the following: “I’ve done what I had to do with that part. You never say never, but right now, today, I would say that I’m done.” Sounds fairly conclusive to us! I can’t say that I’m overly torn up about this though. Ghost Rider is one of my personal favourite comic book characters and the films were not all that great. If Marvel feels the need to reboot another set of films then Ghost Rider is one that needs to be on the list.

Tomb Raider is the Biggest Launch of 2013 thus far

tomb raider

The new Tomb Raider has debuted at the top of charts all over the world and is officially the biggest game launch so far this year. The game from Crystal Dynamics is a reboot of their beloved franchise and was released with high critical acclaim. Expect a review on the site soon but if you’re on the fence about buying it go ahead, it’s very good.

All 3 Lead Actors Sign on for Horrible Bosses 2

horrible bosses

Horrible Bosses was a comedy film released in 2011 about 3 friends that all hate their bosses for varying reasons. This then leads to them drawing the (obvious) conclusion that killing them off is the only way to go. I personally loved this film, although it didn’t do too greatly where the critics were concerned. The second installment looks to follow the same path as the first but I’m definitely interested to see what it’s like.

“Strong PS4 Demand” Says Gamestop


Following the recent Sony press conference which marked the debut of the Playstation 4 into the world Gamestop have announced that over 600,000 people have signed up for more information on the console. This is also after the PS4 “be the first to know” ad was named the most clicked advert in February on Youtube garnering over 26.3 million clicks. A strong start to Sony’s new console but it remains to be seen how much of this will actually generate sales when it comes to release.

Persona 4 Arena Due for European Release in May


Despite the July 2012 release date in Japan and the US, Persona 4 Arena suffered a stream of issues that stopped it from releasing in Europe. Unfortunately after Atlus took the controversial decision to make the game region locked this has left European fans (myself included) out in the cold. We are now looking at a May release date, almost a year later than everywhere else! As a personal fan of both the Persona series and fighting games I’m still looking forwards to getting to play this when it finally arrives.

American McGee’s Alice 3 is a Possibility if Enough People Want it


American McGee is best known for his reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland franchise, transforming it from a story which is slightly unusual into something dark and twisted. Unfortunately due to the second game being downright average (the art is stunning though, I will be posting an artbook review at some point in the future) the sales were not at all good. This left Mr Mcgee in the position where the funding just wasn’t there from EA (owner of the rights) to make a third installment. American McGee has recently asked fans on Facebook if there was any interest for a third game and, more importantly, would people be willing to back it on Kickstarter. While Alice 2 wasn’t great, I do love the dark streak that American has given the series and would love to see a sequel, providing the gameplay lives up to the standards set by the art this time.

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