News Roundup 09/03/2013


Here is your weekly news roundup for 03/03/2013 – 09/03/2013. Enjoy!

Dead Space No Longer?

dead space 3

Earlier this week it was rumoured that the investment in Dead Space 4 had been cancelled by EA because the recently released third installment had failed to meet sales expectations. EA has since stated that Dead Space remains an “important IP” to them but haven’t actually said that the funding is available for the game. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether the game makes the cut.

SimCity Launch Issues

Sim City

One of the biggest stories this week was the launch of the hotly anticipated 5th SimCity game. Unfortunately paying customers were in for a bit of a shock when it was discovered that the ‘always-online’ DRM included with the game had overloaded EA‘s servers, causing the game to be completely unplayable. This issue continues to plague the game causing it to be removed from the Amazon online store. EA is currently making issues worse by refusing to refund owners of the game, and also trying to resolve the problem by turning off features of the game as opposed to features of the DRM.

New Deadpool Game Trailer


A new trailer for the Deadpool Game developed by High Moon Studios was released this week. I’m actually really looking forwards to this, a couple of laugh out loud moments and Nolan’s vocal performance is sounding just like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, which is excellent. Hopefully the gameplay will live up to expectations and we’ll have ourselves a good comic book game (which is still a rare thing in this day and age!)

Watch the trailer here:

Playstation Vita Sales Quadruple in Japan After Price Reduction


According to Sony the unit sales of the PS Vita in Japan have quadrupled after the announcement that the price would be dropped by 5000 Yen (£45/$55). Unfortunately this price drop is not planned for any other region apart from Japan, so if you were waiting for a cheaper price on the Vita you may be a bit dissapointed. The upside to this is of course now that the Vita has a larger install base it might tempt some more developers to look at creating games for the platform, as unlikely as it seems!

Third Tomb Raider Film is Still Alive

tomb raider

Fresh off the backside of the latest Tomb Raider game release developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that there is still life in the newest Tomb Raider film. They have also confirmed that this one will be following in the footsteps of the latest game and heading back to Lara’s roots. The producer Graham King has stated that this new film is going to be a “character piece” but “still a lot of action and a lot of fun”. Meanwhile keep an eye on the site for a review of the latest Tomb Raider game coming soon!

New Iron Man 3 Trailer

iron man 3

The 2nd trailer for the 3rd installment in the Iron Man film series was debuted this week. It’s full of high octane explosions, more Iron suits than you can shake a tail feather at and Gwyneth Paltrow fighting a fire in her underwear. It’s as if Marvel wanted to make every teenage boys dreams come true! Joking aside this is shaping up to look like one mean film release, one which I personally cannot wait for.

Check out the trailer here:

Age of Ultron Debuts


Marvels latest big crossover event Age of Ultron debuted this week with the first of a 10 part comic series. The event, which is written by Brian Michael Bendis is set to run from now until June 2013 and involves the entirety of the Marvel Universe. The event is set to change the Marvel universe fairly substantially so I think it’s fairly safe to say that we can expect a few hero deaths in the coming months. The senior vice president for publishing at Marvel and editor of the series, Tom Brevoot, has said that the event will leave readers “confused and possibly upset”. Sounds interesting if you ask me!

Guardians of the Galaxy Issues Go Free


Ahead of the release of the new Guardians of the Galaxy series starting later this month, Marvel are offering a series of short prologues for all the characters free on the Marvel and ComiXology apps. These will be released bi-weekly and will explore some of the backstory of each member of the team. I’m glad to see that the cosmic side of the Marvel universe is getting some long overdue attention, what with this and the rumour that Nova is going to be in the film.

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