Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy film?

Guardians of the Galaxy

A rumour surfaced yesterday on AICN saying it’s possible that the Nova Corps may be featured in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film. Considering that 95% of the film is rumoured to be set in space this is an entirely realistic possibility as the Nova corps are infamous throughout the universe.

Personally I would absolutely love to see this be the case. I am a huge fan of the Richard Rider Nova series and I have recently read Nova #1 where the new Nova, Sam was introduced (which I also thought was good). I think that a silver screen adaptation of Nova could be done very well, and it would tie in perfectly with the Thanos Arc that Marvel seems to be planning their Phase 2 films around.

Look out for a Nova film announcement very shortly after the Avengers 2 releases if they do make an appearance in the Guardian’s film!

Guardians of the Galaxy is due for release in 2014

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