Pokemon Changed My Life, Just as “Game X” Changed Yours


If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you call yourself a gamer in some shape or form. As a gamer, it’s likely that you feel nostalgic about a game or two from an earlier… Continue reading

APB Plays Episode 5 – Dota 2


  The APB team takes on another game of Dota 2 because, frankly, why not?

APB Plays Episode 3 – Dota 2


In this episode of APB plays we see a game of Dota from the viewpoint of Sam who’s playing Vengeful Spirit!

To DLC or not to DLC…?


…that is the question. Or, you know, it used to be. These days it’s not really so much of a question for developers of “if”, but more likely “when”. So what makes DLC… Continue reading

Review – Ms. Marvel #1


Before I start this review I just want to say one thing…Marvel you have my respect. There are so many things that could have gone wrong with this book. So many. Yet here… Continue reading

Release Date Announced for the New Strider Game


Capcom announced the European release dates for their Strider reboot due as a digital download on consoles and PC. The game is due out in Europe for 14.99 EUR / 11.99 GBP on… Continue reading

Video Review – The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 ‘Smoke & Mirrors


  We just finished The Wolf Among Us Episode 2! Check out our spoiler free mini review below, watch out, mature content is advised for the footage used of the game, you have… Continue reading

Review – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


Many gamers revere A Link to the Past as not just one of the greatest Zelda games, but as one of the greatest games of all time. Talk to just about any gamer… Continue reading

APB Plays Episode 2 – Dota 2


Sam and Josh play some Dota 2 in this episode of APB plays. They have a bit of a rocky start but get into their stride towards the end. As always warning about… Continue reading

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 – First Trailer


The first official trailer for Episode 2 of Telltale Games’ take on ‘Fables’ – ‘The Wolf Among Us’ had dropped today, Check it out over on their youtube here: The second episode arrives… Continue reading

APB Plays – The Darkness 2!


APB’s Sam and Stu decide to give Darkness 2 multiplayer a whirl after it’s sale on Steam over the weekend. What follows is a short montage of all the best bits. WARNING, this game… Continue reading

Are we paying too much attention to gender when it comes to modern gaming protagonists?


Disclaimer – My intent is not to offend with this piece of writing, so please take your time to read through the entire article and I think you’ll agree with my standpoint, I… Continue reading

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